Healing environment, healthy buildings or human comfort. Architecture for healthcare is in a class of its own.

Ensuring that a healthcare building is laid out well and has the right fixtures and fittings significantly contributes to this and the roof can play a multifunctional role in this. Hospitals and care complexes often combine several different facilities. Hospitals are more than just institutions for medical health care. Their buildings often also accommodate rehabilitation centres, specialist clinics or physiotherapy practices.

The same applies to nursing homes and other healthcare institutions, which often combine care, living and recreation in one and the same multifunctional complex of buildings, with several storeys. The roofs of these complexes offer extra space that can be put to practical use, whilst also providing opportunities to make the buildings healthier and make life more comfortable for their users.

We offer a wide range of solutions for these roofs. Various residential care centres, hospitals and residential care hotels have already made use of our capacities and opportunities to carry out such projects successfully. We work closely with the client, architect or contractor, to choose the optimum roof design.