“Our expertise is worthy of being seen”

“Modesty and humility are generally considered to be positive characteristics. But what if modesty detracts from a company’s image? What if modesty doesn’t do justice to the many positive things a company has to offer? Well then it’s high time to take a good look in the mirror, hire an expert, and get to work on repositioning the company”.

Paul Heerkens, Managing Director of Zoontjens, explains the reasons why the company completely redesigned its corporate identity. “We have been a specialist in rooftop paving for about 50 years. We install roof terraces, roof gardens and rooftop carparks. And we are frequently involved in building or renovation projects with walkway access. Where roofs were mainly used to serve to protect buildings against the weather, nowadays they can offer a lot of added value. Some examples are collecting and draining water and storing energy but the possibilities are sky high! We develop solutions and new applications together with our partners. And our own innovations enable us to anticipate and respond to market developments. Something which we’ve been doing quite successfully for about 50 years.”

Experts looking for experts
“But still… despite our expertise and our ability to create specialist roofs that offer solutions to the problems our customers face, we still surprise our customers. They don’t know what roofs have to offer and how we can help them make use of these possibilities. And because of the opportunities and what we do is worth being seen and talked about, we decided to hire some experts to help us reposition our company. With the expertise of the agency Waal aan de Maas we were able to do this together.”

Different roles
“After some internal and external research, we found that we do several different things, that we actually have several different roles. For example, we sell and install our systems, which makes us constructors. But we also find suitable solutions together with customers and we are always looking for innovative improvements, something which gives us the role of inventors. And finally our network gives us a good perspective allowing us to demonstrate how roofs can help us respond to the challenges offered by climate change and urbanisation.
This has led to this end result and I am proud of it! It matches who we are, what we stand for, and what we can do for our customers and other business partners. And all this is nicely combined in our new pay-off: HIGHER GROUND. With this we are challenging everyone to look up and see the underused area that is just waiting for us to add value to!

We are ready and looking forward to prolonging our market leadership in the Netherlands for the next 50 years!”