The BiboBlock® is a permanent fall arrest system for people working on flat roofs.

On flat roofs, the zone within four metres of the roof edge is generally considered to be unsafe. A good safety system is therefore necessary and a legal requirement. Zoontjens’ patented BiboBlock® fall arrest system makes it possible to create comfortable and safe working environments on all flat roofs.

The BiboBlock® fall arrest system is a permanent system for people working on flat roofs The basis of the system is the BiboBlock®, a 192-kg concrete slab, 900 x 900 x 110 mm, with an integrated 12-mm thick stainless steel ring. A BiboBlock® has four rubber slab carriers, and optional bituminous adhesive pads, on which the BiboBlock® is placed on the roof. A major advantage is that there is no need to bore through the roof covering and the substructure.

Three systems
Three different systems can be used in combination with the BiboBlock®. The Bibo Anchor and the Bibo Lifeline are intended for occasional to medium-intensity use and the Bibo Cable for intensive use.

Bibo Octo
The Bibo Octo is the divisible version of the BiboBlock. The Bibo Octo was developed specifically for those locations where cranes cannot be used to lift a BiboBlock onto the roof. The Bibo Octo consists of eight elements and is very easy and quick to assemble.