A1 Smart-Ped System

Introducing a new innovative solution to designing for fire & wind uplift on paved roof terrace and balcony applications.

Combats wind uplift

The A1 Smart-Ped system is a unique patented pedestal made from recyclable aluminum and zinc coated steel. The system has been specially designed for use with A1 fire safety requirements and to combat wind uplift.

Demountable corner pieces

With this system you can create a raised paved surface which resists wind uplift but the slabs are still removable. The A1 Smart-Ped is provided with four demountable corner pieces, on which the rooftop paving slabs are adhere to. The locking plate in the middle of the support locks the slabs into position. The demountable nature of the system means that the waterproofing remains accessible (if necessary). In addition this pedestal system secures rooftop paving against the effects of wind uplift.

Adjustable heights

The desired height can be determined by turning it and different rod lengths are available. It is usable from 50 mm to 290 mm adjustable height, with slope correctors. With this system you can create a stable and safe walking surface for external balconies, rooftop terraces and roof gardens.

How does it work?

Watch this video to discover all the unique features of the system:

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