The benefits of slabs on your rooftop terrace

The foundation of a rooftop terrace begins with the floor. The roofing must be protected and walkable. But what should you use to pave a rooftop terrace? We highlight several advantages of slabs on rooftop terraces.

The rooftop terrace remains sleek and stable

When the rooftop terrace is well constructed with the right slabs and corresponding underlying systems, the slabs remain in place, horizontally as well as vertically. Floors made of materials like wood may warp or shift, leading to instability and a diminished aesthetic appeal.

Rainwater drains beneath the slabs

Rooftop terrace slabs are laid on the roofing in a way that allows water to drain effectively through gaps between the slabs and the spaces beneath them. The speed of water drainage depends on the type of slabs (do the slabs absorb water?) and the terrace’s orientation (exposed to sun, wind, or sheltered conditions).

It provides a safe surface

Wood can become dangerously slippery when wet, unlike concrete or ceramic slabs. Of course, caution is always necessary on potentially wet surfaces, and it goes without saying that everything can become slippery in frosty conditions. Rooftop terraces, like bridges and viaducts, can become slippery more quickly in frosty conditions than ground-level terraces.

Easy to maintain

The advantage of rooftop terrace slabs lies in their ease of removal and replacement when roof maintenance is required. Additionally, maintaining the slabs themselves is straightforward. Wood requires regular oiling or staining, while concrete or ceramic slabs only need a simple cleaning with water and a natural cleaning agent if deemed necessary.

Various materials and colors possible

Slabs are available in various materials, colors, and sizes. There’s always something that complements the atmosphere and aesthetic you’re seeking. Even ceramic slabs come in options like a rugged concrete look or a warm wood motif. When choosing, consider the load-bearing capacity of the slabs.

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