De Beer
car dealership

The De Beer car dealership in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has moved into a new ‘state of the art’ KIA showroom. Here the company is making optimum use of the available surface, including the roof, which gives the car dealership plenty of room to park and display the latest new models.


After 55 years, it was definitely time for the old showrooms and workshop to be replaced by a new, contemporary premises. This features a 2-storey showroom and a rooftop car park so that the available space can be used much more efficiently.


The rooftop car park is almost 1,400 square metres in size and is ideally suited for parking the company’s stock of cars. They remain close at hand, on the company’s own premises, thus minimising the risk that they will be stolen. De Beer’s rooftop car park was constructed using Pardak®80.


The rooftop car park can be reached by way of a ramp, the first part of which is on the side of the building. This is a steel structure which morphs into the Pardak® system to create the second part of the ramp which is on the building itself. Here, Pardak®110 has been used to increase stability.