A sustainable and safe rooftop parking area

Westfield Shopping Center, London

Total rooftop paving solutions

Zoontjens provides a one-stop shop for rooftop systems, from planning, via execution through to maintenance. We transform flat roofs from wasted space to pedestrian use. With the growing concentration of buildings in city centres and ever-higher levels of car usage, parking facilities are becoming increasingly attractive. Zoontjens developed innovative solutions for the construction of rooftop parking based on prefabricated concrete slabs for intensive car traffic. 

  • For 40 years we have been producing rooftops across Europe
  • Sustainable systems with guaranteed long service life
  • Shorter construction time thanks to rapid laying, almost irrespective of weather conditions
  • Following redevelopment, we even take responsibility for disposal of the used materials
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Equipping roofs as parking facilities

Pardak® from Zoontjens makes it possible to convert roofs into parking facilities. Pardak® is a removable system for rooftop parking, based on concrete slabs. The system absorbs movements in the substructure, distributes the forces during vehicle movement, reduces contact noise and guarantees optimum water discharge. 

It is no surprise that the largest national and international rooftop parking facilities installed over the last few years have made use of the Pardak® system from Zoontjens.

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For high traffic volume rooftop parking remediation projects, Pardak®110 offers the operator a number of major economic advantages. As a rule, the construction time for installing a new wearing course is considerably shortened, thanks to the rapid installation of prefabricated concrete slabs, the ability to lay in practically all weather conditions – even in winter – and above all the rapid tensioning of the Pardak®110 slabs.

In critical zones with restricted driving space, for example near ramps, the traffic flow can be quickly re-established, without the need for blocking off the access routes. Particularly during the redevelopment of rooftop parking facilities, where the cooperation between client and contractor is critical, Zoontjens can offer decades of experience in site management.

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Shopping centres

The added value of rooftop parking for shopping centres has been clearly demonstrated. With a parking roof, stores on the first and second floor can enjoy the same visitor volumes as stores on the ground floor, thanks to the creation of a second entrance for visitors, on the roof. This fact makes the letting of shop space on these floors more attractive.

Years of experience and know-how add to the advantages offered to both tenants and the shopping public by the removable Pardak® system. System characteristics and these advantages make a Pardak® roof system a real investment in over both the short and longer term.

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Heavy goods traffic

Rooftop parking is becoming increasingly popular, not least because space is at a premium in urban environments. This applies not only to passenger vehicles; demand is also constantly growing for the development of (thermally-insulated) rooftop parking and (non thermally-insulated) parking levels for heavy goods traffic.

This demand is becoming more of an issue with the numerous examples of damage due to the incorrect use of such roofs (e.g. with excessive wheel loads on unsuitable roof structures). The solution for rooftop parking for HGV traffic is now available in the form of 4 m2 concrete slabs laid on a thin bedding layer of natural crushed stone.

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Transform rooftops into real assets

The advantages of the Pardak® system [infographic]

The use of flat roofs as parking facilities makes companies, offices and public buildings more easily accessible. A further advantage is that this decreases the need for costly land around the building to be used as parking space. Pardak® is Zoontjens' rooftop parking system that we use to make roofs suitable for use as parking facilities. Pardak® has several unique properties that ensure a stable and durable rooftop car park. To demonstrate this, we have created an infographic that explains the advantages of Pardak®.

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The Broadway, Bradford

As part of the wider urban regeneration masterplan of the Bradford Council, Westfield and Meyer Bergman opened their latest shopping centre The Broadway in Bradford. The 53,000 square meters Broadway Bradford now boasts more than 70 restaurants, cafes and shops and will bring together a dynamic mix of high street fashion, food and lifestyle brands. A new multi store car park is located on the roof, five levels of car parking with 1300 spaces. Zoontjens realised the parking levels just above the shops with the Pardak®110 system.

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Trinity Square, Gateshead

Trinity Square is a £100m mixed-use commercial development designed by architects 3DReid on a prominent hilltop site overlooking the River Tyne, in the heart of Gateshead. Zoontjens, trading as Cityroofs and working in partnership with Pithcmastic PBM for the main contractor Bowmer and Kirkland, was responsible for realising the landscape architect’s and planners concept of a complete ‘elevated landscape’ podium across the roof of a major new retail development, providing a range of level external spaces serving new student residences.

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