Aalst (Belgium) has gained a new urban swimming pool: Aquatopia. The project is a combination of renovation and new build work. A rooftop terrace is an integral part of the new design.


As part of the project, the existing pool was converted into a recreation and group activity swimming pool, with more than 220 metres of waterslides. New additions include the Olympic-sized pool, a diving tower and an additional pool measuring 25×35 m. Phase one was completed and put into use in 2021. The official opening of the entire complex took place at the end of 2022.


The heart of the new complex consists of a spacious entrance hall with monumental stairway and hospitality area with a view across all the pools and the surrounding countryside. The hospitality zone is on the first upper floor, and includes an attractive outdoor seating terrace, that can also be approached from the outside, via a separate stairway.


The architect Slangen + Koenis expressed the wish to work with a pattern of slabs in three different colours on this rooftop terrace. ‘The choice of colour pattern is an extension of the floor finishes throughout the building that start off dark in the building core and become lighter as you move outwards.’


Zoontjens was called in to lay the rooftop terrace. For this project, we worked with Dreen®Ceramica slabs that are available in different colours and are easy to maintain. In other words, ideal in this application! The slabs are attached to the underlying fixplate lock system with removable corner pieces. By using this element, the slabs are fixed and locked in place, but access to the underlying surface remains possible (if needed). The fixplate lock system also creates tight joints. The patio stairs were also laid by Zoontjens. The Dreen®Nxt product was chosen for this element.