Clinique CHC

A completely new hospital complex – Clinique CHC MontLégia – was built in the Belgian town of Liège. This building integrates the activities of the St.-Joseph (Lïège), L’Espérance (Montegnée) and St.-Vincent (Rocourt) hospitals. The new building has a surface area of about 113,000 square metres and room for 764 hospital beds and 155 day care beds. The roof has also been put to good use.


The parking area near the emergency department is on the roof of the underground car park but it has to be accessible to heavy ambulance. To make this possible, the architects specified Pardak®XL for this area.


We also laid Dreen®Magna slabs (100×100 cm) on the walkway next to the parking area. The walkway is separated from the rooftop car park by aesthetic blocks of concrete to prevent any traffic from driving on the walkway.


The first storey of the multi-storey car park is intended for normal traffic and has also been constructed using the Zoontjens rooftop car park system. Pardak®110 has been installed on this parking area of nearly 800 square metres.