Keerdok carpark. The name already tells you that this is a parking facility, but the surprising and remarkable architectural design reveals that it is more than just that. It is a parking space, but the building also houses offices and features a city terrace open to the public. All in all, Keerdok in Mechelen is a multifunctional landmark.


Mont-Real and Kairos developed this project on behalf of the city of Mechelen. BAM Interbuild was responsible for the construction. The eye-catching design was produced by Polo Architects and Archipelago, with ARA and Vogt as landscape architects. The facade is made up of no less than 265 prefab concrete cross elements, that in addition to their architectural value also serve as the load-bearing structure.⁠


Keerdok is a multifunctional building. It houses around 500 parking spaces and charging points for electric cars, a covered bicycle parking area with charging points for electric bicycles, a convenience store, various offices and even an event area for public activities. The cherry on the cake is a rooftop terrace offering unmatched views across Mechelen, and open to the public.


Keerdok was built according to the principles of circular building. It was designed as a so-called ‘intelligent shell’, to be both flexible and adaptable. It is produced in such a way as to allow an easy switch to more or less parking, as required in the future. A response to future developments like car sharing. The floor function can be adapted without the need for major renovation work. Working or residential units can easily be inserted on any floor.


Beyond doubt, the most eye-catching space is the rooftop terrace. The magnificent view from the 13th floor across the whole of Mechelen is truly spectacular. For the laying of this rooftop terrace, BAM Interbuild and the architect opted for Dreen®Magna slabs from Zoontjens, including the accompanying slab support system. The entire roof covers an area of around 600 m2, of which almost 400 m2 of paved surface, that grants an all-round view of the city of Mechelen. At the centre a small round park area has been created, with trees and plants. Even the roof edge protection has been finished with green. This rooftop terrace makes this carpark facility on the outskirts of Mechelen a true experience.