Ekkersrijt furniture mall, Son en Breugel, The Netherlands

The Ekkersrijt furniture mall in Son en Breugel, near Eindhoven, has taken on a completely new look thanks to renovation and new-building work. The shopping complex was transformed from an introvert furniture mall based on disconnected buildings into a larger but compact shopping centre with an attractive outlook.

Any compact design calls for rooftop parking; from the roof, visitors descend directly into the shopping area. To make the roof suitable for parking facilities, client, architect and developer all opted for the Pardak® system from Zoontjens.

Special diamond-shaped concrete elements have been installed at the centre of the Ekkersrijt rooftop parking area. These shapes are based on the underlying structure. To ensure a perfect fit around these diamond patterns, specially-dimensioned slabs were produced, while other slabs were cut to size. One aspect that made this project even more difficult was that the slabs were laid from two opposing sides of the roof, while still having to match perfectly at the centre.

Aerial photographs: Ronald Otter/V-luchtfoto's

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